Data sheet for the websites

Our new websites have been up for a while now and we have been getting some feedback from our customers. All the feedback has been really positive and telling us that new sites are so much better than the old ones and that is great to hear. But as with everything, there is always room to improve!

So we have been using these sites now for a while and it has really helped us to serve our customers better, but one thing that we have found lacking from the sites is data sheets, that you can print out.

Well our current data sheets are good, but a bit outdated… Well lets make new ones then!

Now I am working on the new data sheets and I am hoping to get them on our sites as soon as possible, so that we can get more feedback on them and can again improve our sites. I have already managed to make first versions of some of the mixers and working hard to get all of them finished inside few weeks.

If you have some ideas on how we could improve the sites, leave it in the commets.

Best get back to work now and finish those data sheets

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